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Thread: Rosacea from Chemical peels?

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    Default Rosacea from Chemical peels?

    Hello all, i have been lurking through this forum for a bit concerning chemical peels and rosacea and i have a few questions about my situation. 19 year old asian male.

    I believe i have mild rosacea due to the excessive chemical peels i have done (salicylic acid 20% a few times, glycolic acid 50% once, lactic acid 70% a few times 60% , glycolic acid 60% twice -- from skinlaboratory) which since i quit 1-2 months ago. Even before chemical peels i feel that my nose gets red easily (well, not easy but a moderate rubbing gets it red which goes away in like 10 minute or so, probably i had rosacea and i did not know.) Originally did chemical peel to remove some acne scars.

    there's a hint of little redness on my cheek and my nose is permanately mildly red-ish/pink-ish? It looks like the top layer of my nose (epidermis?) is gone and there are tiny whiteheads (P&P?) on my nose along with visibles pores which is also visible on the cheek. my skin particularly then nose is dry and scaly peeling effect, i can't even apply concealer or makeup to hide my deformed (perhaps too strong of a word) nose. I think i thinned my skin because of these peels, i am unsure what to do and looking for recommendations and help. currently i really have no regiment and only using raw honey mask and taking fish oils. it seemed to help from a red nose to a more pinkish tone.

    is it even possible to repair the top layer skin of the nose? again i am really unsure what to do and would appreciate and help and advice. Moisturizers seem to irritate me easily also, i've tried Eucerin Redness relief night creme but it just made my nose more red.) currently - Sensitive, dry , thin? skin/face.
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