Hello everyone,

I am a 59 year old woman from the Boston area. I have recently completed a course of treatment for pre-cancerous spots on my face by applying a topical chemotherapy cream called CARAC and then a steroid ointment to facilitate healing.

I am a rosacea sufferer, as well, but have been in total remission for about 8 years; with perhaps one exception. I have had a small swelling on the side of my nose for about 4-5 years. It was never red, never changed in size, never hurt. Dermatologists were never concerned.

After applying these topical medicines last month, it seems the little swelling spot enlarged somewhat, feels more "leathery", and that some of the nose skin around it also feels more "leathery". My pores also seem larger. When I asked my dermatologist if it could be related to my dormant rosacea (which my intuition is really telling me it does), he didn't think so and thought it was probably a sebacous cyst and wants to do a punch biopsy. I can't shake the feeling that these strong topical medicines have aggravated my rosacea and that this is one of those "phymous rosacea" symptoms.

I don't think my dermatologist is really "up" on the non-garden varieties of rosacea. Does anyone know of a dermatologist in the general area (I would even go to Providence RI), who they think very highly of?

Thank you so much!