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Thread: Log for Raw honey and coconut oil treatment for Seb Derm

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    No problem just have never ever seen urine mentioned! Where have you heard this and what would be in urine that could help?
    Good luck with your seb derm - is it p and p type? LornaS

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    Quote Originally Posted by LornaS View Post
    Not sure what the difference is between acne and rosacea and seb derm! I have no flushing or redness and no spider veins. The spots are on my nose, cheeks and now on forehead. The spots are red and separate and in clusters of approx 3 or 4. They do not have generally a 'head'. They seems to dry a little, then move on to a slightly different place nearby. They generally don't itch and aren't sore.
    Would be great if I knew if they were acne or whatever...
    Would value any response! Best wishes to all who are trying to find a 'cure'.
    Have you tried organic apple cider vinegar with "mother" intact? I have had pretty bad seb derm for about 10 years and that really helped me. You're supposed to dilute it but i did not and it BURNED so intensely but it worked so far. I would say it got rid of 20% of my seb derm in two days, in some spots it completely vanished. The rest is extremely red, flakey and flared up like almost never before, which I read happens during the die off period. I'm switching to the raw honey/coconut treatment for now since the vinegar was very harsh, i hope it works!

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