Hi everyone,

I used topical steroids for much too long unknowingly which I believe led to my rosacea, along with retin-a making problems worse over a few months of use. My skin is very sensitive, whenever it gets stretched (smile, brushing teeth, chewing) my facial skin becomes more red. I don't know why, does anyone know what this could be? I havent found anything on the internet. I'm horribly depressed and have been on numerous AD's, as of now Remeron and searching for another. Anyone know any others that wont aggravate rosacea, flushing, acne, etc?

Anyway I'm thinking of Vbeam for the permanent redness I have. I'm looking for an experienced doctor in the area of Albany, but would be willing to travel a few hours.

If anyone could help me at all I would be very greatful. Thanks.