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Thread: Xylitol better than sugar?

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    Default xylitoli in chewing gum

    Interesting post, goes from xylitol, niacin to adernal. Bingo, three items i was just recently thinking about. I have been using nicorette gum for 4 years, tried the inhaler but seem to revert to gum. While i used to try to rationalise its use despite really knowing better and when the derm said that nicorette gum was fine , i would say well must not be a problem. However the reality for me is that often after chewing the gum an hour or two later my face will become redder and flush a bit. Not always which is another reason why i tried to convince myself that it was not a problem. The nicorette gum also contains xylitol. What happens after the chewing the gum is you get a rush you feel more alive and alert , hence its addiction. im not sure if im been scienctific here but the rush is definetely prob an adernal rush. And then often an hour or two later i get a bid red. Also if i up the intake i get that red flushing feeling a bit sooner.

    Delving deeper, i read a report by a doctor i think sudan j reporting that nicorette replacement therapy caused a reaction like seb derm which i also have. In an effort to get off the gum and due to general relapse i sometimes smoke also. And after a few cigs face can also go red a bit. So this led me to think ok nicorette is a prob. Then last week i decided unsuccefully to give up nicorette and smoking . i went cold turkey for four days, During this period i used gum with xylitol in it, now face did not go as red but still went a bit red. So i did more research into xylitol, apparentaley over consumption can cause certain gastric problems like ibs. I also have ibs which im been treated for and i know that the nicorette gum and smoking made it worse. Also the xytitol in chewing gum gave me a slight adernal rush, not to same extent as the nicorette gum.

    Therefore i think my next course of action should be to get off the chewing gum, xylitol and cigarettes. Wont cure me of course as i still will go red and flush without it, but will defo calm me down and should help ibs which i know will help with redness and flushing. However easier said than done of course, as im sitting here chewing guess what?


    PS. Often wondered did all my probs start with the nicorette gumif you read reports of it on ask a patient you would convince yourself. If only it was that simple. Also wondering if having used protopic for years did it cause demodex mites, some reports of this . Therefore have started trying ivermectin. Got seb derm flare from ipl and laser somewhat under control from itraconazole.

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    As for the xylitol: it is not an artificial sweetener as Brady earlier pointed. It is produced from the birch tree. It is as natural or "artificial" as stevia.

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