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Thread: Severe facial swelling

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    Can a mod upload my pictures for me or let me know how I can please

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    Not sure what you mean since your first 5 pics worked fine as attachments.
    As you noted already, there is a limit of 5 attachments per post
    and also a limit of 100k per jpg

    You aren't able to post links yet,
    but if you do have a link to an outside site with your pics like Imageshack
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    So instead of:
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    Hi Dan, sorry to hear about your struggles. I could have written your post word for word. The exact same thing happened to me. I have yet to see a derm because I am awaiting a referral but I'm wondering if the last regime worked for you.

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    Default hallo dan

    hallo dan. i wonder if you find the solution for your problem, i have the same and i don't know how to resolve it
    Sara, from Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by djdelmar View Post
    Can someone let me know how to post pictures please as it will only let me show 5 attatchments!

    Hi, I'm glad I found this forum, it seems that other people have got similar symptoms to me. This is going to be a long post but please read it all as I would really appreciate any help/advice. Some dates/time frames may be incorrect as I have bad memory.

    My problem is that I have a severely swollen face, mainly the cheeks, nose, nose bridge, eyes and forehead areas. It is significantly worse when I wake up in the morning and gradually gets a little bit better throughout the day. I found that drinking LOTS of water helps (3L+ daily) but it only improves the swelling a little bit and it's not a long-term solution.

    This is what I used to look like (pictures are from a festival I went to in summer 2009, that was when I last looked 'normal')
    Attachment 859Attachment 860Attachment 861Attachment 862Attachment 863

    I got severely sunburnt at this festival but I don't know if that has any relevance to anything.
    In early 2010 I developed an acne cyst on the right side of my nose. I squeezed it twice which made it spread along the side of my nose and it has been there ever since. (Picture of acne cyst on nose). I originally thought that this was the cause of my swelling but after various acne treatments the swelling still persists.
    I then developed swelling on the right side of my face (where the cyst is) and over the course of around 4 months it spread all over my face so the swelling is now bilateral.

    I went to see an ENT specialist as I thought it may be something to do with my sinuses but I was told that nothing was wrong. I should add that I constantly have a blocked nose, I don't know why.
    I took anti-histames for just over a week with no improvement.
    I have taken Doxycycline (2 or 3 courses), Tetracycline, Differin and Accutane (I'll get to that later) which improved my acne but NOT the swelling.

    In October 2010 the swelling was at its worst. (PICTURES)
    In January 2011 I developed a large cyst on my cheek just to the right of my nose (although my main problem is the swelling). I saw a dermatologist and he told me the swelling was due to acne, and that accutane would get rid of my acne and then subsequently get rid of the swelling. 2/3 months into treatment I was feeling incredibly depressed, I had an appointment with my dermatologist. My acne was virtually gone but the swelling was still how it was before I started accutane. He told me that it looked like nothing was wrong with me and it was just me 'growing' (I'm 18 years old now).

    After this I stopped taking accutane and went on another course of doxycycline to try and reduce the size of my new acne cyst.
    Doxycycline didn't work so I then went on Tetracycline for 3 months (I've just finished the course) which only helped with my acne a little bit.
    Here are some recent pictures (March-June 2011 PICTURES)

    So now I'm here, after a year with the severe swelling, my life is ruined, I have lost all my friends and I never leave the house anymore.
    2 weeks ago I saw a NEW dermatologist, who upon seeing instantly said he thought the swelling was due to rosacea and he prescribed me 500mg twice daily of Clarithromycin.

    I've been on the Clarithromycin for nearly 2 weeks and the swelling is still very bad, there is no improvement. How long should it take to see even a tiny improvement? My face also feels very dry and I have yellow scabby tissue on my nose which is very itchy (This may just be my skin trying to heal itself?)
    I'm hopeful that this will fix my problems but I'm doubtful...

    Thank you for reading, I hope I can get the pictures uploaded somehow soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistica View Post

    When I was looking for relief from my swelling I came across several reports by other rosaceans who were using curcumin products. Some people reported pleasing results. Others didn't. I have not tried curcumin, but it might be something you could consider.
    Yes, I noticed that my nose was smaller due to the reduction in swelling after taking curcumin for a few days, so that might be something the original poster could benefit from. Most of the curcumin products I've seen are just turmeric rather than purified curcumin obtained from turmeric, plus curcumin also needs to be accompanied by something to make it more bioavailable (bioperine and a proprietary formulation named Meriva are the bioavailability enhancers that I know of). The other thing that helped me with swelling was propranolol, but I think that was probably from vasoconstriction which might not be of any benefit if the original poster's problem isn't vascular. The way curcumin functions is similar to NSAIDs, so it's possible that just aspirin or ibuprofen might help. Finally, it's possible for there to be adverse effects from taking anti-inflammatory agents, so I'd suggest proceeding carefully.

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    Default helo brother ..i have this worse swelling too :3

    my life is also ruining nothing is working on me ..i never go anywhere for about 3 your problem is solved ..plz help

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    Default I think i found the solution

    Hey there,
    I know it is an old thread, and I just joined.
    I have had this problem since I was 15-16, I am 20 now. I went to several doctors and they did all kind of tests. I have had a skull base CT and a Full body MRI, they found nothing(thank god). Turns out it was all just to shut everything else out(that I dont have a tumor inside be thats responsible for all this). I was in a hospital for 2 weeks because of this darn face swelling. I will not be able to tell you exactly the name of this illnes, because I haven't gotten my release papers yet(will get them in a week or so).

    They have prescribed me Roaccutan 20mg, and I took it for 9 months straight. In the last 2-3 months I took twice as much (40mg). It had helped me a lot, I am still getting treated with it, but I have to make a short pause, because you are not allowed to take it in summer, as you get extremely sun light sensitive. They said it was gonna be a long journey, and it is. But my face looks so much better now, I cant even tell you how relieved I finally am.
    You should go to your doctor and tell her/him this, so you can finally get treatment.

    In the first few months you wont see any changes, but after 5-6 months you will. As I said it is a long journey, and you have to walk it all to get healthy again.
    It all is really a pain in the ..., your lips dry out, your eyes get dry, your skin will itch and sometimes bleed because you are dried out, your kidneys will hurt and maybe your liver, you will have to go to test your blood once a month. It will help though.

    I hope you still can see this message. This thread hasnt been active a while now.

    Best whishes.

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