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Thread: how common is burning/stinging with rosacea + some other questions! Please help!

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    Question how common is burning/stinging with rosacea + some other questions! Please help!

    I wonder if it's common to have burning/stinging in the face along with rosacea, and if so if the burning/stinging can be present even if there isn't that much redness. And if so how is this treated?

    I also wonder how common it is for Rosaceans to be sensitive to almost or even all topicals as well as the sun and heat. Again how is this treated if topicals are out of the question (at least till the problem subsides a bit)?

    I have researched the web so much in order to try and find out what I could have, and the only thing that actually somewhat resembles my problem is Rosacea (though by no means a perfect match). As I wrote in my other thread, I used a dermaroller on my face and i've been having problems with the skin since then (8 months now). The only thing that has helped so far a bit is high quality omega-3. Every topical I've tried has irritated the skin, though I seem to avoid that a little bit if I apply things on small patches of the skin instead of all over my face at once. The sun is definately a problem, but it seems to be more because the skin is already irritated than from the sun itself. Heat is a problem ,the sauna isn't a possibility atm. Steroidcreams made it worse too, and I broke out into a pretty bad reaction after 7 days of a somewhat strong steroidcream with pimples all over the area I used it on as well as redness (and it burned and stinged like crazy for about a week). However being in the gym working out is not a problem and usually subsides the burning/stinging either a bit or entirely if I have it coming in.

    I don't have that much redness, most people don't notice that much of a difference from before or even at all although I certainly do, but of course it's different if you live with your face for 24 years you easily notice any new bump or crack or whatever quite easily, and I certainly notice that my face is a little more red than it used to be... The redness/irritation seems to be coming from deep in the skin rather than being superficial. What I have that makes it seem not like Rosacea is that some pitted "scars" (more like intendations than scars) have appeared during these months. Most of them are minor and are only seen on closer inspection of the face, though one or two are a bit more visible. The scary thing is they seem to get bigger, and connect... It seems to be from loss of tissue under the epidermis.

    I always look best just when I wake up in the morning (at least if I've had at least 7 hours of sleep). The skin is only very slightly irritated and looks pretty normal + the burning/stinging is usually not present. However the skin quickly gets more irritated when I'm up...

    Oh and one more thing: I came across the term "neuropathic rosacea" today but when I googled it I saw that the doc who talked about it was one "dr nase". Is this "neuropathic rosacea" just some bs he has coined, because I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.

    I'll take a picture or two and post them here which may help a bit. I'd really really appreciate any help!

    - Mike

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    It sounds like you skin has been deeply irritated by the dermaroller and possibly some of the things you have tried since. Have you been to see a derm about your problem? maybe the pain sensations are from the dermaroller and not rosacea. Having said that I used to get these sensations when I flushed alot and found relief from the ND Yag laser and anything that stopped the flushing.

    With regards the scarring/pitting there is a condition where this sort of thing can occur spontaneously and after trauma but I am sorry I forget what it is called. It might sound weird but have you tried taking an antihistamine to calm the irritation?

    My advice would be to get referred to a derm. If you live in the UK I can recommend Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital.

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    I was to a new derm today and he said I have rosacea skin. I'm really pissed off at the first derm I was seeing (saw her like 7-8 times) because she was just totally clueless obviously and all she gave me made it worse except the ichtammol which I got on visit nr1. What a waste of money... He said it's possible the dermaroller + the ointment I used with vit a/d has triggered a rosacea for me. Whether it will go away entirely or if it will be something I'll have to live with he didn't know for sure. I just a) hope this is the case and b) wish I would've gotten treated for this earlier because I got some small scars now. They are really not a big deal at all but I have developed a body dysmorphic disorder reaction over this so it's kinda rough...

    I'm thinking that perhaps if the dermaroller did indeed trigger a rosacea-inflammation (which would kinda explain the sensitivity to both sun and topicals and the fact that it's only in my face and neck and possibly a bit up the scalp + mild redness + steroids made it worse) then the scarring could be explained by the fact that the collagen-induction that normally takes place after dermarolling has been disrupted by the chronic mild inflammation. So instead of collagen induction I got collagen-destruction = lineshaped intendations/atrophy.

    If you can think of that other condition in which scarring occurs I'd really appreciate it phlika29; this is not a fun way to live atm...

    Ichtammol ointment is the ONLY thing I've been able to have on my face and that has helped a little bit, though by no means a cure. I was prescribed an antibiotic (pill) now, I really really hope it'll help! I don't have any acne but yeah, here's hoping for a miracle!

    - Mikael
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