Hello friends,

I woke with a great skin today !!! Just within 5 days after I was diagnosed by "Steroids Induced Rosacea"

My homemade Yogurt is working....I am making home made...WHOLE MILK yogurt and I put that cream (which is on the top of the yogurt...it is a little oily but is acting as a great moisturizer and is actually conditioning my facial skin) on my face and let it dry. I first store it in the refrigerator and once it gets cold then only I put it. First 2-3 applications it did sting a bit but once it got dried it did not sting anymore. As a matter of fact when I had that rash even water would sting my face. I just wash the yogurt off with distilled water after it is completely dried.
I applied atleast 3 times every day for the past 3 days and my face is 99% cured.
The redness has completely gone !!!!!
When someone sees my face they will not see a problem anymore. My cheeks and chin are a still dry and rough but only if I touch them.

I am continuing with this and I hope to get well soon !!

Also, after the Pustules (bumps with those white heads) are dried and skin gets really dry then I applied a little bit of Vaseline on my face. ( Vaseline only after it completely gets dried up without any pustules) and after 1 hr of vaseline I would again apply yogurt on top of the vaseline without washing. After it dries out completely I wash my face with water by rinsing with whatever yogurt I have on my face and pat dry with a clean tissue. 10 - 15 mins after this activity, face looks amazing :-)

I have also quit coffee completely ( which I got addicted to for the past 12 months).
I am drinking plain milk now which I used to do before I got addicted to my coffee.

I have also quit taking my Doxycyclin tabs since the past 2 days because they are giving me horrible stomach cramps.

I have stopped putting Finacea(azelaic acid) Gel as well for the past 3 days because I did not find it to be helpful at all plus it stings very bad.

I have been drinking a lot of water !!

I did not quit Carbs because....my main diet is Rice and I have been eating it since my childhood. I don't think I can survive much without rice.

Yogurt is working...really I mean it.

I am still using the yogurt and my left eye is still red. I must take care of it now.
But my face is 10,00000 times better and I can just go out without hiding it anymore though any kind of soap is irritating it.
I am using Yogurt as a cleanser and as everything now :-)

I really want to share this with you all.
ONLY HOME MADE WHOLE MILK YOGURT (cold) and the cream which is on the top should be applied. I hope it does help you all as well.

~ redredRose