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Thread: Low dose accutane and rosacea/seb derm

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    Default Low dose accutane and rosacea/seb derm

    I am wondering whether taking low dose accutane would be good for seb derm/ acne.

    My nose has a lot of blackheads and hyperpigmentation, and I get pimples from time to time that leave marks and annoying.

    My derm says I have seb derm, but I was wondering whether accutane could help that? Accutane would reduce sebum= better seb derm right?

    Btw my twin brother (fraternal) took accutane for acne with good results.

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    I tried low dose accutane and it didnt seem to help the seb derm but the only thing to do is to just try it and see. Your reasonings seem sound. Make sure it is really low dose though-the effects are accumulative and so they should still work but just take a while longer.

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