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Thread: Does it ever end?

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    Default Does it ever end?

    So I had a bit of a depressing thought the other day…What if it never goes away?

    So here's my question: Does it ever end? Has anyone ever heard of someone going in full remission?

    Or am I stuck with looking like a tomato-with-pimples for the rest of my life?



    *5% Sulfur facewash twice a day
    * Finacea in the am
    * topical antibiotic twice a day
    * Metrogel 1 % in the pm

    Diet and supplements
    * No refined sugar
    * Triphala
    * Zyrtec

    * Doryx 75 mg
    *Topical: Eurax 10 %
    * Butt paste (Yes, that stuff for diaper rash) at night
    * Sun screen, SPF 40.
    * B-Complex
    * Zinc
    * Lysine
    * Pro-biotics
    * Eucerin Redness Relief
    * Clinique Redness Relief mineral powder.

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    There are reports of rosacea going into remission but these are rare. I have collected a list of anecdotal reports which you can read for yourself. There are various theories why there are so few reports of rosacea going into remission but apparently there are some who do indeed report that their rosacea is gone.
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    My grandfather apparently had rosacea when he was in his 30´s and 40´s. He passed away two years ago (86 years old), and I seem to have inherited two things from him: rosacea and a sensitive knee (my dad has got nothing of this, so it seems it skipped a generation).

    From what I can recall, his rosacea went away as he got older, and I didn´t notice anything of him having rosacea at all. I hope my will do the same...and I hope the same for you people.

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