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Thread: Rosacea, Sebderm.. now KPRF?!

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    Default Rosacea, Sebderm.. now KPRF?!


    I have been posting on here for the last 2 months about my recent diagnosis of sebderm. I have rosacea and have been tyring to figure out the difference between both as my sebderm does not seem to be typical and i wasnt convinced I had it and actually stopped using my noritate/lamisel mix as I think it was making my face red and dryer. I went to a new derm yesterday and was told I do not have sebderm but KPRF. ?!! Another diagnosis.. I am starting to get fed up with these docs. Although , this new doc seems to make more sense and I think he is right that I dont have sebderm. He told me I needed a moisturizer with an exf. to remove the tiny grain like skin on face that I have bene tyring to describe on this forum. Looks like sandpaper to me. Strange indeed.. almost like clogged hair folicles. He told me to get the over the counter Lac- Hydrin 12% (AHA- Ammonium Lactate). I used it yesterday and I think it might be working. I am nervous, however to use it on my cheeks where they are red and my rosacea is for sure.
    Anyone else with rosacea use this before? does IPL help KPRF? and does KPRF cause face to be red and burn like rosacea. Sorry if these questions have been posted before.

    Also, for those that are interested. I have been using Dr. Nick Lowe redness relief moisturizer for the last few days and it is nice and calming. So far so good anyway.

    have a great weekend

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    Default Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii- anyone??

    Follow up to last post. I am having second thoughts now with the Lachyrin 12%. I think it is too strong for my face. Has anyone tried Eucerin 5% for kprf and rosacea? I have been reading about KPRF and am questioning this diagnosis too as it is a rosacea mimic and I dont have bumbs or rough skin that is typical of this condition. So frustrating.
    Would love to hear from others that have these conditions. Any advice or info would be great. I have also been checking out the webite for KP but havent been able to find anything regarding my specific questions.

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    I know this must be frustrating. I have mentioned your report here as an example of a co-existing condition with rosacea. I have also listed your case with the long list I have been accumulating regarding the misdiagnosis of rosacea. As you can understand, there is much frustration, confusion and bewilderment associated with rosacea and for anyone to conclude that rosacea is a simple diagnosis is not reading the evidence. My suggestion is to find a physician who is an expert in rosacea and is keeping up with the latest information. I know that this isn't easy either but you are on a quest and if you keep searching you will find it.
    Brady Barrows
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