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    I'm new to rosacea (4 months), but I've got it good. Started using the Rosacea-LTD program and I like the jojoaba oil and the sulfur disks seem to be working now that I'm a little less inflamed...some of their ideas don't seem to be scientifically based (mandating ONLY Neutragena or Dove or Noxema Shaving Cream to wash your face), but generally they're suggesting that one eats well (more alkaline diet), drink water, clean your face regularly, get sleep, learn relaxation techniques, etc.
    Anyway, I would love to know what people on The Rosacea Forum think of either their products and/or program.

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    Default Rosacea LTD

    Hi Wally,

    I lasted about 7-8 weeks on the disks before I stopped and sent them back for refund. I had a difficult time controlling the disks from sensitive areas, so I flared up quite often. It seems to be a mixed bag among Rosaceans, some not able to use disks because of harshness while others have had success.

    I am currently taking Prescription Topical Clenia (Sodium Sulfacetamide,Sulfur) and Finacea. I prefer the Clenia over Rosacea LTD because of application control. I can apply the Clenia gel on specific P&P areas, sparing sensitive skin. So far it has worked great (3 months).

    In terms of there diet suggestions (drink a lot of water, Alkaline diet), they are good but not earth shattering or unique. Solid, decent advice that your Doctor would probably give you.For me broad based diet suggestions dont work (Alkaline) because I have such a mixed bag of food flare ups---diet has to be individualized.

    Good luck, let us know how things are in 3-4 months ....

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