Hi, it's been a while since my last post.

My rosacea is pretty much under control with ORACEA and METROGEL at night.

My seb derm is gone too

Now, let's cut to the chase, my skin is still super oily and I still get acne and ingrown hairs. I hate it!

I've been using the same routine for about a year, and I think it ran its course

I was in the mornings with DERMADOCTOR BORN TO BE MILD for seb derm, wonderful

In apply DERMADOCTOR ACNE CONTROL SERUM, I was in loooove with this serum but it seems like it's not that great anymore, I apply it twice a day all over my face. It was wonderful for cysts, pimples and ingrown hairs. I bet they changed something because it feels oily lately. It costs 45 bucks 1 ounce.

I was my face at night with NEUTROGENA ACNE STRESS FOAMING CLEANSER, it's fairly cheap and good, but maybe it's time for a change too.

My derm wants me to wash my face with PLEXION, sulfur and sulfa, she says it will dry out my oil dont know about that because I used ROSANIL and hated it. This one is lathering and not creamy like ROSANIl

Then she wants me to use DIFFERIN at night before the MRETROGEL, dont know about that either. After months of differin years ago my face was left very sensitive, and the acne was never really gone.

I feel frustrated, I thought I finally got it, as usual, I need something else

See ya, and thank u 4 reading my post