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Thread: Now I have perioral dermatitis? Seriously?

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    Default Now I have perioral dermatitis? Seriously?

    So I don't know what started it all. But for a long while I was fine. Then, I started using less harsh products on my face. But winter and the very cold weather here, I had to exfoliate or else I looked like a zombie losing patches of skin. Flaking all over the place.
    I started taking care of my skin the best I know, and the rosacea flared again but only the red skin, no hot flashes and no dizziness/nausea.
    I started using my noritate cream again and it helped.
    But now, for an unknown reason, I have small pumps, red itchy patches around the mouth.
    Thinking it was acne, I applied a cream to get rid of it. It made it worst.
    After looking into it, it looks like perioral dermatitis.
    I don't know what's going on with my skin lately. I've never been like this before.
    I have an appointment with my dermatologist at the end of May. But I don't want to leave my house looking like this.
    Can't apply makeup, can't do anything to fix it. I look like a monster.
    I need to know what to do
    Cream, homemade masks, vitamins, things I shouldn't eat. ANYTHING!
    Please help :/

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    Hi -

    I'm sorry you have PD. There are a few things to help get rid of it.

    Have you checked your toothpaste and all skin care to see if they are sulfate free? Most toothpastes and skincare cleansers have sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate (SLS) in them. Many of us are sensitive to it - SLS gives me perioral dermatitis. Lysine may be helpful for you. Low dose antibiotics (Oracea) can help also. Oil-free moisterisers (nothing occlusive) or putting very little on the area will help it heal. Also, if you think you are allergic to anything skin care or foodwise, you should be tested. I'm gluten sensitive so many foods upset my tummy a little and face! I take gluten supplements and anti-histamines occassionally to help.

    Checking your WHOLE routine is helpful and even keeping a diary of daily progress or pitfalls. Good luck and keep us posted


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