After been diagnosed rosacea one month ago I went to an allergist to find out whether I had some sort of allergy to certain foods. To my surprise, after having a look at my face through a kind of rectangular magnifier (with a blue light) with light turned off, he said that I didn't have rosacea but seborrhoeic dematitis.
The problem is that In 4 months I've seen two dermatologist and this allergist who have diagnosed me three different things: Acne, rosacea and now Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
The allergist seemed to be quite sure ruling out rosacea, and despite being relieved about that diagnosis I still don't trust completely that diagnosis because he is 'just' an allergist and not a dermatologist.
Has anyone had this experience? How can dermatologist make so serious mistake? I don't know who believe and now I have to stop using the medicines I had been using til two days ago and start with new one.
Please help me! thanks