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Thread: 3 years,lots of things tried to no avail.Photos included.

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    Default 3 years,lots of things tried to no avail.Photos included.

    I have had this skin problem for around three years now,it started with a very angry onset of red and skin coloured dome shaped palpules all over my forehead,hairline,cheeks and nose and a little on my neck and chin too.My ears also have a few on the edges.

    I was given steroid creams from my gp and it cleared it pretty quickly but came back when i stopped using it.I have tried treating it as rosacea(i have a thread in the photos section called 9 months of misery) I also considered keratosis pilaris and more recently demodex mites overgrowth.I do get a crawling/tingling sensation on my forehead and mysideburn area occasionally too.

    At the moment i am spending money left right and centre on creams,supplements and moisturisers and nothing rids me of the problem.

    I am using teat tree oil and coconut oil at night and washing my face with nizoral/selsun blue shampoo.I also use a clarisonic mia face brush device(only used a few times so far) before i wash with shampoo to remove dead skin cells.

    Here is a few photos of my face last night.I have been out in the sun alot lately so cannot tell if the tea tre/coconut oil is working or not,i am also going to begin washing my pillowcase every day to stop and infestation possibilities.I feel i am constantly clutching at straws and have been convinced i have so many different things.

    I seen a derm once and he was rubbish,did not listen at all and put me on a beta blocker! Well this helped with the red facial flushing i get sometimes but not much else.
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    Forgot to mention a couple of things,i had a yorktest food intolerance test done and had had 3 number 1 graded positives(1 being lowest,5 highest) to yeat,cows milk and egg white) cut these from my diet and symptons improved but still did not go away and i lost alot of weight,i am a naturally slim bloke anyway so cannot afford to lose much weight

    I also had a hair test done and once again yeast and dairy came up,along with high sugar.I spoke to a nutritionalist from yorktest who diagnosed me with candida/yeast overgrowth and had me buy oil of oregano pills and culturelle probitotics,once again symptons improved but failed to dissapear completely.

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    Red face

    Slinky, please see my "psa" from yesterday under Topical and oral products (non-rx).
    "It's all illusion anyway."

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