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Thread: aloe vera gel and rosacea

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    Default aloe vera gel and rosacea


    I have just started applying aloe vera gel (directly from the plant) on my face. I read many positive feedback about this plant and would like to know if someone has already used it. I wonder whether it is normal the burning I feel on my skin after having applyed it on my face.

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    I'm convinced aloe vera gel is one of the most overrated substances in existence. Study results are contradictory, and the vast majority of the positive reviews I've seen are supposed "testimonials" on sites that are selling it, or people who "heard from their naturopath" that it has miraculous healing powers. It doesn't.

    50mg zinc
    50mg magnesium
    25mg diphenhydramine HCI
    Drink filtered/bottled water only, wash with tepid water/moisturizing soap, Rosacea Care moisturizer, tinted ZincO
    I avoid multi-vitamins and most other high-dose vitamins and supplements, oil-based supplements (like omega 3/6, A, and E), nitrite preservatives, sugar, fruit, milk, alcohol, caffeine, exercising in a warm room

    Less is more!

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    I've never noticed one single benefit from Aloe Vera, other than it temporarily felt good on a sunburn....

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    I've been applying Aloe99 for a few days now. Yes, get the initial burning and then subsides. I've had less burning sensations overall since using it, but also upped my dose of RLT so more likely it's that.

    It has done a wonderful job of clearing up my SD tho! Nothing else seemed to touch it. Again - I have also added tea tree oil into my routine at night so it could be that! The reason I think it's the Aloe99 is that I forgot to add in the tea tree the last few days and after I apply the aloe99 my SD skin flakes.

    However, I have now developed a rash on my upper lip so think my skin is reacting badly to it. Going to stop using it I think!

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