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Thread: Do I have rosacea?? (pics)

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    Default Do I have rosacea?? (pics)


    I don't know what to think... I did some vacuuming the stairs tonight and feel a 'flare up' so to speak.. a hot skin sort of feeling, but on my ears, back, and cheek. Not sure what it is. This time I'm taking pics to ask you guys.

    I have black hair, and medium fair skin. I am part middle eastern in heritage.

    I've always been told I had rosey red cheeks as a kid.

    The odd time I'd always had very red ears. Sometimes only one ear will be red like tonight! This time I caught it on camera to share.

    I just thought that was normal.

    I'm now 34 years old now.

    A few weeks ago I decided to get serious with my pizza making at home. I got restaurant quality high gluten flour and was determined to make pizzeria pizza at home. But this required a lot of experimenting baking with the pizza I was eating pizza almost daily. Each one has pepperoni (nitrates) and cheese. The flour is a special 'high gluten' flour.

    A week after making this pizza, I went to bed one night and I noticed that my left cheek was a bright red and inflamed. After researching, I brushed it off as a sensitivity to dust mites. I admit I rarely wash my bedding and over the years have never washed my goose down pillows hehe.. My dog also sleeps on the carpeted floor next to me and he itches a LOT when he wakes up. I have a cat and birds too.

    The redness on my cheek turned into eczema and was very visible. It did not blend in with my red cheeks. I was ashamed to go out. It was dark red and protruded out in bumps.

    After 4 or so days it died down, but 2 weeks later it is still faintly visible and isn't going away fully. Looked very closely at the rest of my cheeks, it seems that the foundation for the eczema was always there, it just wasn't irritated.

    Here I am today. Please examine my eczema outbreak:

    <It says I cannot post links so can't show the pics I uploaded to photo bucket from my phone>

    Don't know what game is being played here. But anyhow, does anyone have any suggestions?

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    So far, it could be "anything". Except the symptom did show up after your pizza experimenting. So I'd make the flour, say, a major suspect.

    BTW, Did the pizzas turn out well? Mmmm, thin, slightly burnt crust? :-)
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    Default Who knows?

    You really need to see a dermatologist about this. There are a number of possibilities and it is impossible to diagnose on the internet. There is no substitute for a physical examination and patient history by a qualified dermatologist.

    As Ghost points out, if it is the wheat or simply too much pizza then drinking lots of water for several days should flush whatever allergen it is out of your system. If it continues then you obviously have a skin condition not related to dermatitis.

    At this point it is only guessing and you should read the list of possible skin conditions that look like rosacea. Again, I cannot over emphasize that visiting a dermatologist to diagnose your problem is the best option since internet diagnosis is not a good idea.
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    I live in Canada where we have a public health-care system and seeing a dermatologist is an uphill battle that is a long ways away.

    My description of what happened should be able to trigger a response of 'yes that can be rosacea'.. or.. 'no a blotch of eczema on only 1 side of a cheek does not sound like rosacea''.

    Please understand that I live in Canada with a public health system and am pretty much on my own to diagnose this for the next little while.

    And yes the pizza came out amazing. It's all about the cooking technique and crafting the dough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crush View Post
    I live in Canada where we have a public health-care system and seeing a dermatologist is an uphill battle that is a long ways away.
    This doesn't make sense. I lived in Canada, and the fact that the health-care system is socialized just means everyone has access to good healthcare. That is all. Not sure why that should make your situation worse than say, someone in the U.S.

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