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Thread: S. California (Riverside area) Good VBeam Rosacea Doctor?

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    Question S. California (Riverside area) Good VBeam Rosacea Doctor?

    I've been searching and searching for a good VBeam specialist either in the Inland Empire area of S Cailf or within reasonable driving distance. I've been to a derm near work who does VBeam (Dr Eremia), but he has the personality of a tree stump. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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    I'd start by looking here.

    Be sure you fill in "V Beam" on the last window that says "Select Product", and if it were me, I'd look for a Candela V Beam PERFECTA, as that seems to be the newest and best.

    Also, please remember that, for most of us, progress with lasers is slow, spotty, erratic, frustrating, and cumulative.

    It also involves a lot of down time post-treatment, where many of us endure horrific post-laser flushing and extreme sensitivity.

    Good luck in your search!

    My (extensive) experience with lasers is leading me to wonder if we don't have to address the cause of the flushing (hormones? thyroid? gut SIBO issues?) first, before we start mopping up the damage (residual permanent facial redness) with lasers.

    Just my two cents.

    • 58 yr old woman
    • Rosacea at 48, debilitating at 52
    • Clonidine 100mgc ev. 8 hrs;
    • Remeron 15mg nightly;
    • Zebeta=Bisoprolol=Beta blocker 5mg nightly;
    • Brimonidine worked well initially, then MASSIVE rebound flushing and damage;
    • Countless IPL with Lumenis One;
    • Now purpuric V Beam with Candela Perfecta; more clearance, less downtime than IPL;
    • Botox (with mesotherapy needles), good not great results;
    • Monthly Kenalog injection to blunt debilitating flushing.

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    Thanks WC! It found me one who sounds promising BTW I agree, & I think I may have SIBO since I've had those symptoms as well for most of my life.

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