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Thread: Need help please - regimen and products

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    Default Need help please - regimen and products

    I have had Rosacea for 15 years and it did flare up every now and then, but after a couple of weeks it would calm down (I also could use mineral makeup to hide the flareups) my regime with Rosacea only (before the seb. dermatitis diagnoses) Wash face twice daily with Linda Sy Oatmeal Cleanser then apply her lotion for dry skin then apply mineral makeup. After her products were discontinued Rosacea Care started making her cleanser, so I started and I am still using Rosacea Care Oatmeal Cleaner. I never did find a moisturizer I liked and was still in the process of trying new moisturizing products out when I had a flare and went to my dematologist and that is when I was also diagonished with seb. dermatitis. I was prescribed ketazole (sp) cream and it worked for about 2 days then my face went wild. face was so red, dry, peeling and itchy/burning especially around my chin and cheeks. It hurt so much, I could not eat or sleep and I was missing work. It was just unbearable. I absolutely could not stand it any more and after a week I went back to my derm. and he knew I didn't want steriods but said this should help. I went and filled the compounding prescription hydrocortisone/sulfur/salicylic acid 1/3/3% and it has given me just enough relief so that I can sleep and also return to work. I am still really red and still itch/burn some especially on my chin. I know I can't use the compounding stuff for very long and was wondering what you do exactly every day to help with this...what products, minerals, supplements (please be specific give name of what you use) I know what works for one person may not work for someone else, but this seb. dermatitis is a whole new thing for me. It is ironic because I am afraid to put anything on my face because it might make it worse and then again the same thing will happen if I don't do something. I hope this isn't to long..Thanks in advance for any help

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    Hi there

    Re SD information. This thread may contain helpful info for you:

    Also, search this forum for information onthe raw honey & coconut oil regimine.

    Usually, if one cannot tolerate Nizoral cream they have much more success with the Sebizole shampoo used on scalp and face. The cream has some horrific irritating base ingrediants in it, but the shampoo is milder and much more tolerable for most people. Failing that, look into 'DermaDoctor Born to be Mild' cleanser, available to buy online. Miconazole is another topical antifungal treatment used by SD sufferers if they have very sensitive skin.

    I would advise to get off any sort of steroid cream. They mask the issue, and do not get to the root of the cause (Seb Derm irritation is caused by fungus that lives on the skin but which thrives in oily, moist, warm, sweaty etc conditions). Ask your Derm or GP about Elidel cream, a far better anti-inflammatory alternative but which does not contain steroid.
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    Default SD

    Also check out this post.
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    Thank you very much for your reply and for your suggesions. The Rosacea I have is hard enough sometimes to deal with but this stuff (SD) is just kicking my butt. I would like to ask what may seem to be a stupid question but this SD is so new to me. I have noticed in alot of the posts I have read that the phrases "oily skin areas" or "where skin is oily" is used. My skin is not and has never been oily. In fact my face is so dry and itchy and red that I absolutely can't stand it. My question is: In your experience and knowledge of SD is your face usually dry or oily with SD? (I have read the common symptoms of SD and I know each person is different) Thank you is nice to finally communicate with someone who understands and can help.

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