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Thread: Any one have skin like this?

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    Default Any one have skin like this?

    I've never, ever, seen anyone else with a skin texture such as mine. Massive pores, random indents (that occured without explanation), and overall just a horrible texture. Here are some pictures:
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    Yep my skin looks like that plus some shallow pitted scars.

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    I have the indents but that was from the cystic acne that I had for a few months. Pores are relatively normal sized but my skin is MUCH redder than that.

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    holy crap OP are you me?

    yeah my skin looks like that, except mix in an ingrown hair once a week and the occasional zit which leaves hyperpigmentation that lingers for 6 months

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    Yep. You don't seem to have any discoloration though? how long has your skin has those 'large pore' type indents? you should repost this in the similar conditions thread, as i believe it is seb derm. Try a milk of magnesia mask for 10 mins when you wash it off rub your skin and see how much flaking you have. You might be able to see more clearly what you're dealing with. I too am an 'oilking' sigh. Do you think you have perorial dermatitis? interesting, anyway head over to the similar and co-extisting conditions sub-forum as i think we could be of some use and use your ideas.


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