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Thread: Hello my friends

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    Smile Hello my friends

    How is everyone, I haven't been about for around 6 months, so I thought I should poke my face in.

    I have been continuing to use Auburns fantastic Coconut regime, and and keeping up with the healthy eating. I have had no Rosecea related problems in the last 6 months.

    I started at university last month and finally gained the courage to move out into a flat, and I wish I did it sooner, There is possibly a girl on the horizon for me too, which I am very excited about!!!

    Oh also, I went up from 177lbs to 202lbs, I did that through working out and taking suppliments, I was worried they might cause flare ups, but no such problems.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Anything I can give advice on?

    Love to you all


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    glad everything's going well for you, Infern0! carry on just like that

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    Good to hear things are going so well. Perhaps you could do a roundup post of what helped and put it in this thread:

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