So, thank god there is a fast food joint on every corner which will glady feed me processed, crappy foods. I was at the gym the other day and suddenly was feelling so hungry I wanted to vomit. (I hadn't had much to eat that day) So I rushed to Popeye's chicken nearby for a quick fix. I got the 6 piece chicken strip meal with reconstituted mashed potato substance as a side, plus one medium root beer drink chock full of high fructose corn syrup. So shortly after eating this digusting food, I began feeling mass flare-up on my face, tingling pins and needles in my cheecks... and my body was sort of communicating to me, "hey what the hell did you just eat?". The chicken was fried and greasy and tasted like they soaked it in salt water for a week. (Apparently fried food also produces a cancinoginic substance as well I recently learned) Anyways, this quick fix to hunger really did me in for a day. I was going along nice and smooth for many, many months until i fell off the wagon. Luckily, the flare-up subsided, but it was really revealing to me, after not eating processed crappy food for such a long time, how significantly it affects my body.

To add insult to injury - the lady at the drive through gave me no napkins, no dipping sauce for the raunchy chicken and no utensels for the mashed potato substance. I ended up having to dip the chicken strips into the potato substance to get some of it into my mouth.

anyone else have a fast-food flare up story to share?