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Thread: 22, got rosecea and im gutted.

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    Default 22, got rosecea and im gutted.

    After going through these forums today ive obviously got rosecea. My mum had it too so ive got her to thank. I know self diagnosing is dodgy but trust me its rosecea. red skin, racoon eyes n everything.

    So, Ive been swatting up on all the facts today and wow theres a lot of products. Would treating it a sensitive skin and sorting out my diet do the trick??

    Im definitely gunna have to make an appointment with my doctor. whats usually the routine there? just gonna throw some pills at me or something?

    whats a pretty standard regimen for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising for someone with rosecea? I do try to do the detective work myself but wow theres a lot of products.

    Any help is massively appreciated!!

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    Default little word of caution

    Hey there, im new to this site too. Idk but you could take a look at my post I started on my profile or however u get there. BUt anyway to knwo what u should do it would be helpful if u had a pic to know how serious it is. From my experience antibiotics made it worse and benzol cream can agravate it and eventually stops working. Though then again they might work for you, you just got to pay really close attention to what works and if it it makes it worse stop immediately.
    If yours is really bad you might get low dose accutane which is like the mother of all drugs, it stops your skin from creating oil by cutting of the oil glands and it basically stopped all of my acne however It didnt really help rosacea that much and everything still hasnt faded it slows down the healing process of your skin. If I could have gave mysefl a message from the future when my skin first started it would be eat healthy, drink lots of water, dont put anything on your skin and take vitamin E pills and zinc pills/once a day. Vit E for healing of the skin and zince is apparently awesome for rosacea, one study said that in patients 3mg of zinc 3 times a day reduced the severity of rosacea by up to 75% in most patients after 3 months. Im really interested by how bad yours actually is coz a lot of stuff can actually make it worse ironic huh?

    ANyway the zinc and vitamin E definately have no side effects or I wouldnt be using them, you can get them at any pharmacy in bulk really cheaply. But If I was you I would definately see a good dermatoligist, ask around for one that specialises in rosacea coz normal doctors dont have much clue they just guess and prescibe you antibiotics which in my case just made it worse and they make you super senstivie to sunlight which makes you even redder! Anyway I hope I havent scared you, just saying when I was new to this I wish someone told me what Im telling you, I hope my story's helped you a bit lol. ANyway how you doing psychologically? WIth me im a wreck, im on antidepressants, and I never attend social situation and try to never leave the house, you on the same boat. ANyway take care, keep me posted on what works and doesnt work for you ;)

    Soldier, down and out.

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    Default PS

    correction= that was something like 20mg of zinc 3 times a day not 3mg... though mine is 125mg a day

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    Hi Spoonhead,
    Welcome to the RF.

    First I would recommend you treating your face as gently as possible. Washing and moisturizing with a minimum of products and never use any harsh products on your face. Also, you want to wear sunblock whenever you will be exposed to UV rays. Treatment will depend on your specific symptoms.

    There is a lot of info here and it can be overwhelming so take it at your own pace and one day at a time. I definitely recommend making an appt with a derm who is well versed in rosacea and together you can make a treatment plan depending on your symptoms.

    Check this link out as it is a good place to begin:


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