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Thread: MSM started a nightmare for my skin!

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    Default MSM started a nightmare for my skin!

    So I started taking msm in order to help my hair, nails and skin... to no avail. The stuff only made my hair, hands and scalp extremely dry and they feel "weird", very static and slippery. Some folks would probably say that my facial skin has improved while on the stuff, but the weird static slippery feeling and scalp itching and hair dryness is just killing me. I'm balding and the thinning hair doesn't look at all good when it's extremely dry and brittle. Anyone else has had similar experiences with MSM powder? I took like one teaspoon (3-4 grams) per day. Hopefully my skin will recover asap, been off the stuff for 8 days now.

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    i didn't notice anything when i took it

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