Hello there, I have rosacea and always have the redness with breakouts sometimes, but not too bad. About three months ago I started waking up with puffy eyes and they started getting worse where the upper lids are a bit puffy too. The left eye is way worse for some reason and looks like a full on bag, but it is fluid not fat. My eyes also are bloodshot most of the time and sometimes dry. Recently I started with new symptoms just 3 days ago of very tight, dry, thickened skin under my eyes also. Ugh! No fun with the puffiness I look horrible. I was wondering if anyone else with rosacea has had these same eye problems? I also have a candida overgrowth that I have been dealing with and treating too so I was confused if that was the reason why my eyes were messed up. Please help somebody tell me so I can go to the doctor and get a cream or meds or something to get my eyes back to normal.