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Thread: Questions before I start the honey mask and coconut oil treatment

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    Default Questions before I start the honey mask and coconut oil treatment

    I am new and found out about this treatment from reading through the threads and being sensitive to sulfates really want to give this a try.

    My questions really have to do with the scalp and hair since I understand the face and ears part. I understand putting the honey mask on the scalp and letting it sit for three hours but what do you do between treatments? Do you wash the hair on odd days? Do you put coconut oil on the scalp and length? I use it on the length and have for years as a prewash treatment. Is the honey mask the only thing needed to cleanse the scalp and hair? Does the honey lighten the hair? I know that some people get a lightening affect on the hair from using straight honey due to the peroxide properties of it.

    A big hello to eveyone. Sorry I didn't say anything about myself. I have psoriasis, eczema and dermatitus on my scalp along with hypothyroidism. Trying to get all these under control is proving to be quite hard. I do not go out in public hardly at all anymore due to the skin issues which are so embarrassing and huge weight gain so I have nothing to do most times but experiment. I am getting some help with my embarrassment and fear of the public eye.

    I'm really in search of help with getting my face, scalp and ears under control. At some point my weight as well but I want to start with the skin first since my meds are still being changed for thyroid.

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    Default I begin the journey, even without answers

    Well I started the treatment tonight even though I've gotten no answers about hair washing. Still wondering but I did wash the length of my hair with my super gentle shampoo and shea butter conditioner after rinsing the honey out.

    I will post my progress as I go. As posted by Auburn and others, my face feels a bit dry and tight in the places where my SD strikes and I do have redness. My scalp is itchy in the places where I get SD and have it right now and since before I started the mask. Since my hair is beyond my waist, I recruited my husbands help with the application of the honey mask on my scalp. He thought it was goofy but more than happy to help me do anything to get relief.

    I have informed family members that have these issues on my findings here and hopefully they will join me on this journey.

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    Hey Aries, also try to supplement yourself you have to treat your inside too

    Im gonna try that for my Skin condition, im pretty sure it will help

    Im gonna add Biotin and B-Complex also.

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    Default Are you still doing the treatment

    I am new to all this and have been reading many posts and have been thinking of trying the honey treatment and was wondering how yours was going? are you still doing the treatments? did you stop? Thanks for any update

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