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Thread: Is this Seb Dermatitis?

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    Default Is this Seb Dermatitis?

    My story is pretty much exactly the same as this guy's:

    My rash looks the same and has the same shape, but is slightly worse on the left side. I also got a mild case of dandruff at the same time the rash developed. I also have some flakiness in my eyebrows and my whole face is pretty dry and gets flaky after washing.

    I've been to one derm several times. He didn't diagnose me with anything. I

    The derm just gave me a steroid called Elocon which I used twice and it made both of my cheeks super red. It took around a week to go down. After that he prescribed me another steroid called Fucicort which did the same - made it a lot worse. My theory was that whatever I had on my head had spread to my face from my pillow. The derm told me that it was impossible. Is should also add that it does not itch at all (face). As far as I know SD should be itchy as hell.

    I read the honey treatment tutorial sticky and tried using honey on a small area of the red patch as a test. Guess what? The same thing happened.

    Here is a pic of what happened after I applied honey on it:

    I used Manuka honey UMF 25 (I had it before).

    Sorry about the non-clickable URLs - it did not allow me to post links.
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    We have the same symptoms, sounds like SD

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