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Thread: red light led for demodex mites

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    Default red light led for demodex mites

    If ipl kills demodex mites would red light led kill them also . Just a thought. Any views or if people have had success with red light led killing the mites let me know?


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    Could be. I haven't been using it long enough to find out, although I haven't felt that characteristic tingling/burning that I associate with mites since I started using it.

    RLT increases the electron turnover in mitochondria, producing more free radicals, so I suppose in a critter the size of a mite, such concentrated light might produce enough free radicals to kill it off or make life uncomfortable so they move elsewhere. Of course red light is absorbed particularly by hemoglobin, and whether or not demodex mites even have hemoglobin, how the hell should I know, what am I, a bug expert? Anyhow, a definite maybe

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    IPL devices may have an additional role in the treatment of rosacea. Demodex mites can be coagulated via absorption of light (500 nm to 1,064 nm) by their pigmented exoskeleton (Goldberg, Dover. Laser and Lights, Elsevier).

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