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Thread: Anyone tried Dalacin T Lotion? Heard it can work wonders...

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    Default Anyone tried Dalacin T Lotion? Heard it can work wonders...

    Anyone tried Dalacin T Lotion? It's for acne, but heard very good things:

    Not to be confused with Dalacin T Solution which is alcohol based.

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    I used to use it for my acne (and undiagnosed rosacea) many years ago with quite good success. I havent heard of many members mentioning it except for Peter (Waters). Maybe if you do a search it might come up with the post where he mentions it but generally I think he thought it was helpful.

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    I used it for acne as well (alcohol based). Worked well when I was a teen (also pre rosacea). Don't know about the lotion.

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    I use dalacin for acne, and it is great (I have pre/stage 1 rosacea) it clears spots quickly. But my mother who has stage three rosacea dots it on her pustules and papules and it works really well. Just need to be careful to apply on top of the dots.

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