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Thread: Swimming- good or bad for rosacea

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    Default Swimming- good or bad for rosacea

    Hi all I have recently started suffering from rosacea. It only effects my left cheek just below the eye. After hours of searching on the internet reading up on information about the condition, I read swimming may be good. I went the other day and felt it really helped with the redness and flushing, but since then everyday I have been going I have had a brerkout of my acne and more redness on my cheeks (dont know if this is due to the swimming or merely a coincidence). The swimming pool I go to is indoor but is at a cool temperature. I am pretty sure it has chlorine inside the water.

    Is swimming something I should stay away from or carry on to help my rosacea.

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    I would think that chlorine would be horrible for rosacea..

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    For me the heat and the chlorine are bad for my rosacea. Could you find another poole that uses a different treatment for the water? I believe some use UV lights to purify the water.

    Otherwise do you wash your face straight afterwards. Maybe if you go in the morning before it gets busy the chlorine will be better

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    Hey gang,

    I work as a lifeguard (both pool and beaches) in Aus! Great fun really!

    Thought i'd add my two sense regarding pools. What ive found in the past is that the humidity in the indoor pools is shocking for my Rosacea and can be rather painful when I hop out and it begins to dry.

    I swim a lot, and one thing ive learnt is that you sweat JUST AS MUCH in the water as you do jogging. It dissipates in the water but you still flare up

    I find salt water (outdoor) pools to be the best. The ones beside a beach or even at it. If you live in Sydney, I love Manly and Freshy pool!

    If you were thinking of swimming in Chlorine pools, make sure to ask the pool supervisor (there is always a nice maintenance guy or gal!) when they are treating the pool. They usually treat our pool every thursday, which kills any algae in the pool over the next few days.

    Some centres treat it once a week, others every other day. Find out and then perhaps go swimming just before they treat the pool.

    Don't go swimming after wet weather. Pool maintenance is increased to kill of bacteria after rain/showers. Pools that are in the sun are always better because they naturally kill off bacteria and need less treament.

    hope that helps!


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