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    Default Led light therapy

    HI everyone, im a newbie on here but was wondering if led therapy was a waste of time and money? And do the at home personal ones work? thank you

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    I have used the Answr for a year or more and it does help. It is not a cure all though. I recently purchased a larger handheld, it is the Bright Therapy SR-11A, and the verdict is still out as to if it is better or not. I have to use the lights every 2nd or 3rd day to allow my skin to have a break as I find every day to be too drying.
    When I first started with the Answr, I could see the redness literally fade as if the light was chasing it away (hah, I know that sounds funny but that's exactly what I thought). I also use Pyratine XR with mine.

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    Well I guess a whole sub forum dedicated to their use (low level light therapy) will tell you that yes people have good success with them. As with anything you need to do some reading and find one that suits your lifestyle and so I would recommend reading the stickies in that forum.

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    Mojo, is yours by Acetino? Could you post a link? Thnx.

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