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    Hi all, this is my first post after some time just reading (hiding) in the background. I'm a 37 year old male in the NW of England, UK.

    I've been interested by the positive repsonses some people have had when using LLLT and I was thinking of dipping my toe into the water so to speak.

    Mine is a two fold issue and to most here it would seem trivial but here goes. I have had acne rosacea on the end of my nose for about 20 years now and most of the time it has been very noticeable leaving a shiny surface and glowing red 'rudolf' style tip. I have managed to keep on top of it to some degree and genreally now just use a mineral make up to dull it down / matte it (I know, I'm a bloke ). Just when I was getting on top of it I suffered severe sun damage for two years running and I noticed I had developed a web of spider veins (5 or 6 in a cluster from one central point) RIGHT AT THE END OF MY NOSE!

    My question is this. Because the rosacea area I have to treat is so small I don't think I need a full sized LED array like some people here are building or using so could I get away with using a small array, as shown in this link:

    The reason I ask is that I am very cautious when it comes to paying for 'beauty' treatments after being ripped off when I went for laser treatment for the spider veins. I like the idea of this being able to plug into a standard lamp and the fact that it is cheap. The nm of the light look fine but does anyone think it will do the job on a small area?

    I am looking to relieve the redness as I undertsand the spider veins won't respond to LLLT. (I'm going to ask a question about those little bleeders in the IPL section)

    Apologies if this post seems a little all over the place, any help/advice would be great.
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