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Thread: Denver area-looking for a good rosacea dr.

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    Default Denver area-looking for a good rosacea dr.

    Hi All,
    I'm new to this forum and posted this request in another place but I think this might be more appropriate.
    I'm looking for a good dermatologist in the Denver area that is very knowledgeable about rosacea and effective treatments. I've been to two and I didn't really think they knew too much about it. One said 'oh, you don't think you have rosacea do you? Just use green tinted makeup.' The other put me on Finacea and tetracycline. Neither did any good. I also had 3 IPL treatments but these were not prescribed by the Dr. and he warned me they probably wouldn't do any good. They didn't.
    So, any recommendations would be most welcome. I'd prefer someone on the west side of town but am willing to drive a bit for a 'superstar'. Thanks so much.

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    I am on the same page unfortunately. Trying to find a good doctor around Denver. If I find one, I ll let you know.

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