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Thread: Several articles (SIBO and nutrition)

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    Default Several articles (SIBO and nutrition)

    Currently on a 10 day course of oral Metronidazole, based on an an article I found that argued it was effective in treating SIBO. (I think it's known as Flagyl in the States). Skin is currently clear. I hope it will remain clear once I stop the 10 day treatment. Side effects not pleasant however (raging headache, bloody nose every day).

    Anyone has experiences with Flagyl/Metronidazole (oral)? Good, bad, ugly?

    Below several articles/studies I came across, including a scanned version of a SIBO article I posted about several months earlier. Apologies for possible double posting:

    1. The FULL article (so not the abstract) of "SIBO Overgrowth in Rosacea: Clinical Effectiveness of Its Eradication" can be found here:

    2. Also found the book: "Nutritional and clinical management of chronic conditions and diseases" By Felix Bronner online via google books.
    Page 213/223 make an interesting read, with the Rosacea specific info starts at P. 219. Very little news per se, but good overview. Unfortunately, Google Books does not show all the pages, but the ones available are informative nonetheless:,&f=false

    3. I was interested to read in the above article about charcoal as a possible aid in helping clear rosacea, as it is thought that charcoal binds toxins. I did some more research on charcoal as a supplement. See f.e. Web MD:

    I would personally not immediately start with charcoal supplements for several reasons (long term side effects are not known, and, in order to be effective, should not be taken as capsule (takes too long to break down) but the powder makes teeth black... If anyone has more info on the charcoal issue, or anyone who has tried it, I would interested to learn about your experiences.

    Take care


    *5% Sulfur facewash twice a day
    * Finacea in the am
    * topical antibiotic twice a day
    * Metrogel 1 % in the pm

    Diet and supplements
    * No refined sugar
    * Triphala
    * Zyrtec

    * Doryx 75 mg
    *Topical: Eurax 10 %
    * Butt paste (Yes, that stuff for diaper rash) at night
    * Sun screen, SPF 40.
    * B-Complex
    * Zinc
    * Lysine
    * Pro-biotics
    * Eucerin Redness Relief
    * Clinique Redness Relief mineral powder.

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    Great post.
    Thanks a lot for the sibo article.
    I feel really concerned about that.

    All the best.

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    Thank you, wkz. Very informative! I enjoyed reading and learning from the articles you posted.


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