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Thread: Broken Capillaries

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    Default Broken Capillaries

    Are there any products that you find effective for treatment of broken capillaries? I wanted to give them a chance before considering IPL. I'll continue searching, but i figured I'd ask here first. From the little bit that I've gleaned from reading around, grape seed extract and pine bark extract seem to be at least somewhat palliative. Any others that you know of?

    Also, this is probably going to be a stupid question, but does eating grapes give you the same benefits that taking grape seed extract does?

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    I think the quantities required of the active ingredient would make it impractical to consume that many grapes

    I have read reports from some members that taking vitamin D3 supplements have helped improved their capillaries.

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    Some say that vitamin K creams are helping.
    I've read about butcher's broom (ruscus aculeatus), great for reducing capillaries, while improving deeper blood flow; I bought one bottle today.

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