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Thread: red papules on face now more bothersome than actual redness:(

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    Default red papules on face now more bothersome than actual redness:(

    Iv'e had 2 ipl's and 1 non purpuric v beam and im now starting to notice some decrease in redness.I was more red than i usually was for the first week after the v beam but now my face is only looking light pink when im not flushed so it helped for sure.However sometimes the red papules on my face make my face look worse than my actual redness on my cheeks.One is right by my nose and iv had it for months now and sometimes its just red but than sometimes can have white head like a zit but never heals.Now i have one right above it and it had a white head underneath the skin there anything i can do to heal them if there not gonna go away?They make my roscea look worse than what it is

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    Hi Smackjack,
    What have you already tried for the papules?
    Have you tried any topicals like Finacea? That would be my first suggestion and give it at least 3-4 weeks to see results as long as it isn't adversely affecting you.
    Then there are orals which you can try if the topicals don't help.

    There are so many more treatments for paps vs redness so consider yourself fortunate. I am sure you can find a treatment that helps.


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