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Thread: Dermatologists in Hong Kong who can help.

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    Default Dermatologists in Hong Kong who can help.

    Hi Guys

    After reading alot of the information here on this website, i found that i infact may be a one the people who suffer from Roseacea. I see on this website people are from far and wide, so hopefully someone here can point me in the rite direction. Im based just out Hong Kong, and would like to know if anyone from the Hong Kong region who knows a good Dermatologist who i can visit....preferably one who has knowledge of Roseacea.


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    David, check your private messages.

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    David, I myself from Hong Kong but I live in Dallas, TX. You should not have any problem to find a right doctor there just make sure you visit the most well known one. I hope by now you have find one already and under go treatment. I wish you all the best. Take care!

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    Default cant message u?

    David! i got your message ages ago, tried to reply, but the msg wont go thru. i wrote on your wall with the info for HK derms.

    pls reply!!
    (shells from HK)

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    hello, could anyone also advise me?
    I have been going through very bad flares and mild improvement and very bad flares on and on for more than three months... it's very distressing and has absolutely affected my daily life... wish someone could help, thanks!

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