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Thread: Decent Results with V-Beam

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    Default Decent Results with V-Beam

    After ramping up the settings to 6ms, 8.5J, double pulse, I seemed to get decent results for perm redness and flushing. Nothing spectacular, but on the order of 30%. This is in-line with the publications I have seen for both results and settings for stubborn redness. We went more aggressive after two not seeing much result (upon my request).

    I would continue going, but summer is here and I want to be able to get a little sun, so I will probably give it another go later down the road. Just need to take a break from rosacea for a while and have a little fun. It's a long road, but I get better slowly, year after year. Been fighting it pretty hard, about 10 years since my first IPL. I'm not "great" or anything. Some people say I have a red face sometimes and some people tell me I am crazy and that I don't even have rosacea, I suppose I am somewhere in the middle. At least it doesn't really have the major impact on my life that it used to. Anyway, wanted to pass it along for what its worth. Good luck everyone.

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    Default Great news and thanks for sharing :)

    Glad to hear of your results Hozer. That is the goal isn't it? To be able to live and enjoy life without being consumed with rosacea. I am so happy for you and best wishes for continued success

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    For permanent redness, what works for me best is:

    Double pulse

    1st 10ms 10mm 7.5 J
    2nd 10ms 10mm 7J


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    I'm so happy for you! I usually find that the summer weather is better on my face anyway oddly enough. I wish you a great summer!

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