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Thread: How long until doxycycline & finacea make a difference?

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    Default How long until doxycycline & finacea make a difference?


    My dermatologist put me on doxycycline hydrate (20 mg twice a day) and Finacea gel about three weeks ago. He said to come back in six months if the doxycycline hasn't made a difference, so I'm assuming it is not overnight, but I'm wondering- how long on average before folks have noticed a difference with either one or both of these products?

    Also curious- does anyone know why one is not supposed to eat for two hours before or one hour after taking the doxycycline? (My dermatologist hadn't mentioned this, but I saw it in my instructions). It's hard to manage, but I figure I might have an easier time with it if I at least understand why it matters!

    Thanks so much for any thoughts!

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    Hi and welcome to the RF
    The reason you are not supposed to eat right before or after taking the doxy is that certain minerals can interfere with the action. If you read the insert it will go into detail but to summarize iron, calcium, magnesium can all make the doxy less effective. However, other studies show that it if necessary it is OK to take it with some food but just make sure it isn't dairy etc Also make sure you take it with a full glass of water to wash it down and do not recline for an hour or 2 after taking because it can cause esophageal irritation.

    It took low dose doxy a full 4 months to begin helping me fully. I do not take topicals so cannot comment from personal experience regarding Finacea but I believe it can take more than a few weeks to start showing positive effects.

    Good luck.


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