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Thread: Rhinophyma without any Rosacea symptoms

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    Default Rhinophyma without any Rosacea symptoms

    Hi All,

    This is my first post here. I've only just recently discovered this form, but have found it extremely resourceful. So a big thank you to all those who contribute.

    As the subject of this topic suggests, I suspect that I have the the beginning stages of Rhinophyma, without any prevailing classical symptoms of subtype I and II Rosacea. I am 21 years of age.

    I've naturally always had a rounded nose tip, but of 'normal'/'average' size. However, over the past year or so, particularly the past couple of months, I have noticed two developments. Firstly, a general increase in the size and shape of my nose, particularly the tip. It appears to be thicker/wider with more of a 'roundish' appearance than previously. Secondly, and this has only started over the past 2/3 months, is the problem of swelling. Not of my nose a whole, but rather the left side of the bridge of my nose. I seem to a slight bump/raised area which swells up if, for example, I pinch my nose slightly. It also tends to swell up on its own sporadically throughout the day. It is at it smallest point when I wake up, but fluctuates throughout the day.

    Now you may be asking, what has this got to do with Rosacea? Well, while I have none of the flushing, pps, redness, general facial swelling and so on, I do have a rather obvious amount of blackheads/clogged pores on my nose which are rather substantial, and I generally suffer from a very oily nose.

    Is it possible that Rhinophyma can manifest itself without any other classical Rosacea symptoms being present (besides the blackheads and swelling of course)?

    My sincere thanks to all of you in advance.

    H.W.Hamilton in a state of worry
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    Welcome HW to the RF. I'm sorry you are dealing with this
    I highly recommend making an appt with a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

    It could be a number of things you are dealing with and may have absolutely nothing to do with rosacea. But you need an exam to know what you are dealing with here.
    Do you have allergies? This has been a particularly difficult allergy season the last couple of months. Get it checked out so you can take the appropriate steps to treat.

    Don't stress. It is always better to know and start the correct treatment rather than guessing.


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    Could you have had trauma to the nose? After rhinoplasty the nose swells terribly... and if you've done something, say, bumped it and then regularly cleaned out the blackheads which is not exactly a gentle procedure, that could cause quite a bit of swelling.

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    Default Photos any help?

    Thanks for your replies, very much appreciated.

    I've never really had any specific or significant allergies. Besides my scalp drying up after showering in hard water (high concentration of calcium & magnesium), I can't really think of anything.

    I've always, ever since puberty, removed the blackheads on my nose by pressing. My nose would be red for a while (expected) and turn back to normal after an hour or so. However, as I mentioned, I can no longer do this to my nose because it will just swell too much and the bump will protrude further more.

    I have booked an appointment with a dermatologist but I already know what he will say- that I have nothing. I'm very used to this with doctors.

    Would you care to assess my condition if I post some photos? I obviously don't expect a precise and conclusive diagnosis, but an indication might help.

    H.W.Hamilton in a state of uncertainty

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    H. W. Hamilton,

    My first symptoms we're dry eyes then swelling of the nose - a full two years before classic rosacea symptoms. So yeah, it's possible. Are you experiencing any tingling sensations?

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    Hi Brighteyes, thanks for your contribution.

    I must say that I do occasionally get a very short lived tingling sensation on my nose, but so infrequently that I doubt it's linked to the swelling.

    To elaborate on my previous description, the lower part of my nose, the tip, seems to have built up excess thickened skin, while the bridge seems to have more cartilage, particularly where the bone ends and cartilage starts. It is more pronounced on the left side (the bump I mentioned).

    Now I'm not entirely sure if the increased weight of the tip pulled the nose down further and exposed the bridge bump more or if the bump is just another unlucky occurrence of cartilage build-up. But why would it swell if it really is just cartilage? Or is it a patch of thickened skin swelling up?

    If it continues growing I will consider having it reduced with a laser. From what I have read so far, there seems to have been some great advances in technology. I just wonder if such treatments can return my nose to its previous state. Any one undergone this procedure? or have any info about it?

    My sincere thanks again to all of you.

    H.W.Hamilton- delving further into a state of delirium

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