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Thread: IPL in San Francisco bay area?

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    Thanks so much, Meg.

    May I ask, did you seek laser treatment solely to help with the flushing, or did you have broken capillaries/blood vessels and permanent redness as well? And if so, did you see any improvement with that aspect?

    I can't remember what V beam machine my initial derm used, I have sent him a written request for my records, so hopefully will have that info by the time I have my appointment with Dr. Welsh.

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    You' re welcome. I suffer from severe flushing AND permanent redness that is essentially vascular matting. I don't have the large broken capillaries, or if I did IPL and Perfecta have gotten rid of them completely. But I do have leaky blood vessels and tiny broken capillaries that I believe is called vascular matting. It does present as permanent redness. When I started with Dr. Welsh, my redness was constant and nearly purple, and now it's much lighter - even pink in some areas. I'm sure Dr. Welsh will be able to set reasonable expectations with you based on your situation. For me, the pain relief is the reason I have the treatments, but it sounds like you don't suffer from pain.

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