This is my first post to the forum, though I have been following it for quite awhile. I have had rosacea subtype 1 (vascular) for nearly 20 years now (I am 35, started when I was about 16). I have run through the gamut of treatments in the last 20 years, from OTC creams and supplements, to prescribed antibiotics, to various skin care products. More recently (last year), I underwent 5 Vbeams at my most recent derm's office and, prior to that (3 years ago), 20 IPLs at a local medspa. Nothing has helped erase the permanent redness on my cheeks and nose the slightest bit.

I am on clonazepam now, which has reduced my flushing greatly, and I avoid all triggers (don't drink, smoke, spend time in the sun, take hot baths, etc., etc.). So I feel like at least the flushing/blushing is somewhat improved.
My question, then, is this:
I would like to try IPL again, as it seems that many people on the forum have experienced success with this addressing base redness (which is what I am left with now). I think I made a mistake in having mine done at a medspa. But I don't know how to find someone who knows what they are doing. I am in northern CA, between Sacramento and San Francisco, and am wondering if anyone can point me to a derm with whom they have had IPL success with in either of these geographical areas.