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Thread: no sleep=red face!

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    same here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aklady09 View Post
    I was doing really good for a while, reducing my flares down to a bare minimum.

    Had some stress this week and didn't sleep well for the last couple of nights. In addition to feeling like crap from being sleep deprived, I'm also flaring pretty bad.

    Anyone else have this problem. Does lack of sleep cause an increase in flares for others?
    Lack of sleep messes about with cortisol and adrenaline, both of which contribute to flushing when out of balance.

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    I was only thinking today how lack of sleep causes my face to flare then stumbled over this thread!
    Over the weekend i had a lot on and worked really hard, i was getting up at 6am and going to bed between midnight and 1.30. I noticed on the second evening that my face was really flushy and a warm shower before bed made my face errupt, i looked like a tomato!! I literally could have fried an egg on my face, it was red all over and in some patches (i've been having ipl and yag treatments) it was burning dark red. I had to go and sit outside in the cool air for 20mins to cool it down!
    I dont know why this happens but i always notice that any lack of sleep means i will be prone to day flushing and will defo have a big evening flush that cannot be controlled!

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    Not great news a couple of hours before I'm about to start my night shift.

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    Smile Lack of sleep causing facial redness

    Hi AkLady,

    Could I ask if you are a regular recipient of Laser treatments? Are these available where you live? I think Lasers can really help with flushing and redness, and help to minimize this when you lack adequate rest time.

    Just a thought.

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    same here.
    I can do fine after one night of not much sleeping, provided that I had enough sleep at the nights before.
    but if I go through several days with little sleep I experience really annoying day-long flushes.

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