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Thread: How often do people wash their face

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    Default How often do people wash their face

    I'm just curious about how often people wash their face. I'm finding that the less I wash the better my skin looks.

    I typically wash twice a day with Cerave Hydrating Cleanser. Sometimes I wash 3 times a day if I've gotten dirty doing yard work or working in the garage. It seems to me that the more I wash the more irritated my skin gets.

    The other thing I've noticed is that my face looks clearer, less P&Ps, if I don't moisturize. I typically use Cerave Moisturizing lotion but lately I've been skipping the moisturizing and my skin is clearer but a bit dry.

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    I only wash once a day, before bed. I try not to miss it, but there's the odd night where I won't get to it. It doesn't seem to make me react negatively if I miss only once. Although I'm at a period where I'm not sure which is the best cleanser for me, and so have been trying multiple. With some of them, my skin would have been a lot better if I *had* missed my nightly cleansing.

    Oh, and I agree about the moisturizing. I have a really rough time finding a moisturizer that works, doesn't make me react or break out, although lately I've been experimenting with a touch of raw organic virgin coconut oil to dry patches/flaky parts. So far, no outbreaks of p&p and no redness either. Fingers crossed that it isn't just my antibiotics keeping those things at bay....
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    Current skincare regime for rosacea subtypes I, II and IV started March, 2012:

    *Strict diet. No dairy, wheat, sugar, nuts/seeds, legumes. Only meat, 'safe starches', and low-phenol starchy/unstarchy fruits and veggies and water with ghee, lard and duck fat as cooking aids and sources of fat. Also avoiding food intolerances.
    Supplementing with raw food multivitamin, liquid zinc sulfate with copper, epsom salt baths (magnesium sulfate), calcium and vitamin C. Lots of water!

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