Hey everyone

i've been following the honey mask thread and am trying to look around to find raw, unpasteurized, unheated honey.

I haven't had ANY luck with the unheated part, so I think I need some clarification on it because maybe I'm not understanding something. I called this apiary in London, Ontario here


and the lady was incredibly nice when I asked about the unheated honey.

She was saying that it has to be heated a little at first or else I would just be buying the honey comb - but they said their honey is only heated at the very low temperature so it's not in comb and then never again. Their unpasteurized version still contains the bee pollen etc...

Is this what I should be looking for or is this not correct either? They sell it nearby and is there something I should be looking for - like the consistency or hardness if I go to look at it?

Thanks so much anyone/everyone I wanna get started on this as soon as I can to see if I can have some luck with it,