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Thread: can u get a suntan on face ever again?

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    Default can u get a suntan on face ever again?

    or is it a complete no no?

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    Tanning anywhere is (or should be) a complete no-no for anyone, rosacea or not. Tanned skin is damaged skin and puts you at an increased chance of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. The sun's rays also trigger blood vessel growth and for us people with rosacea, we want anything but that.

    Embrace your tanless skin and wear sunscreen.

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    It sucks and is pretty hard to come to terms with to be honest. Gone are the days of going to the beach, afternoon hikes, afternoon sports, any sort of tropical or warm vacation destination like cottages, camping or even walking down the street for more than 20 mins in direct sun.

    I can't be in the sun for more than 20 mins in the afternoon even WITH sunscreen/hat and that is pushing it as I will still have irritated and tight, blotchy skin for the next few days,

    It's hard to believe because just 5 years ago I was out in the sun daily and always had a nice glow/tan in the summer months including when on vacation. Even worked a summer landscaping job back in college and was in the sun daily with no problems, I loved it.

    I suppose there is no point in dwelling over it, we are not the only ones, people with Lupus and others with allergies to the sun are in the same boat.

    It's just not right, because having sun hit your face is aa essential human biological requirement, vitamin D is paramount in mood and psyche. Sure you can take a supplement, but it is not the same as having the warm spring or summer sun on your face for an afternoon.

    Oh well...them the breaks...and most importantly as mentioned above it will progress your rosacea. w

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