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    I need help with this, i have redness, slight rosacea, but now im getting these p&p's. what works best for them? any lotions, masks? what are people having success with?

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    Hi there, earlier this week after an extreme outbreak of papules on my forehead (which I think may have been from my Cetaphil cleanser... ), I used raw honey and a soft cloth to wash my face instead. The next morning my face was calmed right down and a 90% reduction in papules.

    I can't say in the long run how this would work because I've only washed with honey once so far, but I will update on how it works long-term. I do know that it took off makeup wonderfully, but my face reacted the next day with producing more sebum (not sure if it's from the honey or a reaction to quitting Cetaphil cold turkey). I'll update as I use it more.

    Good luck!
    Current skincare regime for rosacea subtypes I, II and IV started March, 2012:

    *Strict diet. No dairy, wheat, sugar, nuts/seeds, legumes. Only meat, 'safe starches', and low-phenol starchy/unstarchy fruits and veggies and water with ghee, lard and duck fat as cooking aids and sources of fat. Also avoiding food intolerances.
    Supplementing with raw food multivitamin, liquid zinc sulfate with copper, epsom salt baths (magnesium sulfate), calcium and vitamin C. Lots of water!

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