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Thread: steroid induced rosacea HELP!!!!!!!

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    Default steroid induced rosacea HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello...i am having a huge rocasea flare-up after stopping Triacinilone (prescribed my my GP doc). Used it for 12 months...mostly on my chin. recently, I had been using it all over for 2 weeks. My new derm told me to stop using !!! YIKES. I stopped...then 5 days I look like my face is blotchy, pimples and on fire, Couldn't bear to go out side the house! Went back to derm...gave me elidel cream, monodox 100mg (tetracycline) and a injection of kenolog (steroid) to help the helped but I am in fear of another flare-up. I cannot got to work like this...its toture. i used to have nice skin :o( trying not to let it ruin my life afterall...its not a death sentence but, it's my face and it's really sad :o( has anybody gone the kenolog route...helps to taper you off. Can I expect to slowly get better w/ the meds??? in what time frame? Thank you all for sharing your stories :o)

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    Sorry to hear that you're going through this. It does sound like steroid withdrawal, which is not uncommon especially after a long period of regular use. Hopefully the injections will help with things. Considering the injections are steroids, it theoretically should.

    I know sometimes tapers are facilitated by a lower percentage steroid cream, or less regular use of these topicals. Maybe you can discuss with your derm, if the injections are not effective enough....Hopefully things get better soon, and you would not have to be on steroids for long.

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