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Thread: Just a Thought...Finding a Cure

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    Default Just a Thought...Finding a Cure

    What if we could get every person with Rosacea to donate $1-$10 and could raise $50M-$100M. We then let every University, Company, Individual, etc know that whoever comes up with a cure and/or a treatment to eliminate all symptoms of Rosacea within 2 years will receive all of the money! We need to talk in terms they all understand and that is the almighty dollar!

    Would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions, etc on this matter. All we need is someone or a group to make it happen! I would donate my time but not sure where to start. We need to think big and outside the box to find a cure or treatment.

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    Default 04/4/10--- time 8.08

    Here is something mrsmoof for you to seriously think about and a good place to start in my opinion would be to consider that rosacea is self-induced. In other words we are actually perpetuating the rosacea symptoms ourselves.
    My ten years study of this condition has so far brought me to this conclusion.

    In layman's terms the largest contributing factor is the western diet and cold seasonal climate
    The diet and the habitual way we eat and drink ( in all probability at the same time) has the effect of constantly disturbing our digestion and later this calculates into disturbed excretions.
    The cold seasonal climate in combination with disturbed eating prevents the sebaceous glands from opening
    leading to skin problems.

    Just saying I have no doubt it is complementary the research that has been done but in real terms it is of no use to us whatsoever now at this moment in real time reality!

    It is what one can do for themselves now by taking easy practical steps to reduce the symptoms.
    Fat is totally the most detrimental food for rosacea but we do need some fat and acid is detrimental but less so.
    For those of you who cannot come to terms with fat as being harmful that's fine; it's not an argument!
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    Default Finding the Cure


    I felt the same way in 2002 and founded the RRDi in 2004 and you can read some history about it here and also here. Getting rosaceans together is the trick and if you have an idea on how to do that I am all ears.
    Brady Barrows
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    Wishful thinking. Even if such a plan could in some way come to fruition, the average time it takes for a drug to make it from pre-clinical trials to FDA approval is 12-15 years. Keep in mind that a good chunk of the drugs that are tested and go through this process do not make it though the 3 phases and/or are not approved or require additional cinical trials. Delays on even the most sound and promising medications are very common. Look at Sanrosa, it was said to be out by 2005 I think initially.

    So no chance we would see a "cure" developed within a 2 year time frame. Given that it would likely take some years to actually find a cure, perhaps 3-4 and then the additional 12-15 years for the FDA approval process, 20 years would be conservative estimate.

    The only real hope for something to develop within the next few years is if a Researcher happens to stumble upon an existing medication that could effectively treat or cure Rosacea. If that were the case, I believe an Application could be filed through the FDA and the process would take a considerable less amount of time due to the existing safety of the chemical/drug. I think it is maybe a few years to get it approved.

    Them the breaks...but there are lots of options out there in terms of treatments, many of which are already "off label".
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    Default hey

    hey Red,
    I hear you -I was hoping that Sansrosa was coming out this year but sounds like it won't be for another year or two at least. However, you do mention that an existing drug might do the trick -how about Oxymetazoline? It obviously works as a topical -the only problem is that I can't buy it in a pure form -it always comes in something like Afrin or a Nasal Spray with a bunch of other stuff in it. Are the eye drops the closest thing available to pure oxymetazoline? Can I produce my own oxymetazoline? My apology if I didn't follow up on previous posts in this forum that discussed that topic.
    For now, I have been using willow bark doubled boiled in olive oil as a topical before bed and I think that works better than most things. I just started the paleolithic diet yesterday and haven't had any any sugar, bread, beer, or dairy in 24 hours -only 5 months and 29 days and 3 colon cleanses to go. Just wish I knew where to find a good cookbook or rule book for the paleolithic diet. (No potatoes, peanuts, lentils, or rice?) Good luck to everyone -may we find the way soon...

    The Dude

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